Our Story

Welcome to TWIST Caramels!

Our story isn’t really very extraordinary, but our TWIST Caramels are!  Each bite of our subtly soft, buttery, sea salt caramels melts in your mouth. You will find yourself checking every twist and turn for another bite.  Caramels created in the TWIST kitchens are made with Arizona local ingredients which include cream from Arizona dairies and Arizona unfiltered honey.  Of course there is no ocean front property in Arizona so for obvious reasons we import the sea salt along with a few other necessary ingredients.

Once each individual caramel is wrapped with our signature wax fold, twisted, and sealed, the TWIST sweetness is placed in a frosted bag with a colorful copper signature TWIST ribbon.

“Take life with a grain of salt”


Donna Croyle
Chief Stirring Officer
Julie Schobert
President of Tasting