Hooray for Hollywood!

Winners, nominees, and guests of the 34th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards will go home with a sweet treat this year.  Twist Caramels!  What, were you thinking a statue??

Twist has been hand selected to be featured in the award’s show infamous swag bags.  If eating like a star means noshing on salted buttered caramels, count us in!!

The bags will be presented to recipients on October 1, 2013 during the awards show.  once all the chewing stops, our fingers our crossed that Twist talk will start!

Want to treat yourself like a star?  Pick up your own bag of twisted treats in our Sweet Shop today!


Award Winning Caramels!

Spread the word!!  Twist Caramels is the not only the “Best Traditional Caramel” in Arizona, we’re also named the “Peoples Choice” of chewy Valley treat.

A HUGE thank you for everyone that supported Twist at  Caramelpolooza 2013 with votes and praises!



Twist Caramels is please to announce that we have been selected to participate in the 4th Annual Caramelpalooza!  We will be going up against the best of the best in the Valley to compete for the title of “Best Traditional Caramel”. And we couldn’t be more excited about it.  Consider it our coming out party, with a twist!

Caramelpalooza 2013 will take place Friday, April 5 from 7 p.m. til the caramel runs out, at the Biltmore Fashion Park, the new home to Smeeks, which is partnering with Union and Chow Bella.

Keep an eye on Chow Bella in the coming weeks for information about purchasing tasting tickets (to benefit the Arizona Humane Society!) and for profiles of the candy makers.


Client Twist-imonial

“Oh my God!!  These caramels are super amazing.  Wow, what a great taste.  Just heaven.'”

Olga, Olga Brow Studio

Client Twist-imonial

“Gregg and I are so thrilled you filled our candy order.  My brother in VA texted, ‘OMG…that is the best candy I have ever tasted!’ He will be here in Feb so you can expect another order :-)”

Nancy Ashwill

Client Twist-imonial

“We’re helping a guy buy a house in Maricopa.  Andre took down a bag of caramels to him the other day while showing him houses.  The client called today and left me a voicemail…’Hey, I wanted to find out the status of my offer but more importantly, i must have the contact number for Twist!'”

Kathryn Surcouf, Keller Williams Realty

Twist Caramels at Chase Bank

Twist was invited to participate in Chase Bank’s Small Business mixer over the holidays.  It was an opportunity to network with other local businesses and showcase our twisted sweets.  It was a wonderful evening and a great opportunity to meet other community members who have turned their passion into profit!



Client Twist-imonial

“The caramels are wonderful!!  I am saving the label.  The chocolate ones were also outstanding.  We ‘all’ agreed that they are great.  These would be great for me to take along to friends when I travel.  I’m always looking for something lightweight and easy to travel with  and bags of these to pass out will be great.”

Patti Agnew, Keller Williams Realty